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Latest News At FUNDA LAND

A Whole NEW World of Fun at FUNDA LAND 🏰

We are actively listening to your feedback & have been working hard behind the scenes...   

Oct 05, 2023


At FUNDA LAND, we are constantly driven by a passion to provide an enriching and joyous environment for every family that steps into our world of fun.

Your smiles, laughter, and cherished memories are what motivate us to keep evolving.

The feedback from our loyal FUNDA families has been instrumental in guiding us on a path of improvements, making FUNDA LAND the go-to destination for wholesome family fun.

While we have introduced a nominal price increase, it's a step towards investing in a brighter and more exciting FUNDA future.

Here's a glimpse of the new and improved FUNDA LAND awaiting you:  πŸ‘‡πŸ»


1. Speedy Refreshments with Our New Franke Coffee Machine:

No more long queues when the coffee cravings hit! Our second Franke Coffee Machine is here soon to whip up your favourite brew in no time.


2. Slushie Heaven with the NEW Slush Machine:

Quench your thirst with an icy treat from our new and efficient Mr Slush (Slush Puppy) Machine.


3. Swift Cleaning & Turnaround Times: 

On-peak hours now come with quicker cleaning and turnaround times, ensuring a neat and tidy seating area for everyone.

4. Deliciously Revamped Food Menu: 

Explore our newly curated menu that promises a gastronomic delight not just at FUNDA LAND, but across the entire Northlight site.

See Our New Menu Here


5. High-Octane Fun in the Improved UV Laser Zone:

Celebratory audio cheers for the winning child, boosting confidence and adding a dollop of fun to the competition!

6. Safer & Quieter Rides on NEW Bumper Carz Flooring:

Improved flooring enhances hygiene, safety, and significantly reduces noise pollution for a more enjoyable ride.

7. No-Climb Football Nets: 

Our redesigned football nets come with a no-climbing feature ensuring safety while keeping the fun goals rolling!

8. Durable Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat Covers:

Longevity and durability are the hallmark of our new toilet seat covers, making your visit comfortable in every way.

9. Attentive Service at Your Fingertips:

Our new Attention Button at the reception ensures prompt service whenever you need assistance.

10. Improved Food Produce & Suppliers: 

Dive into a better food experience with our upgraded food produce and suppliers.

11. Smooth Operations with Our Head of Food & Catering Manager:

Continuous improvements are on the horizon with our appointed Head of Food and Catering Manager.

12. Spotless FUNDA LAND with NEW Cleaning Gadgets: 

We’ve upped our cleaning game with new parts for hoovers and after-hour cleaning with beloved Henry Hoovers.

13. Marshfield Farm Ice Cream and Exciting Milkshake Offers:

Stay tuned for our scrumptious milkshake offers, a sweet companion to our new ice cream supplier, Marshfield Farm!

14. FUNDA Events - Starting With Our Spooky Halloween Party

Join us for a ghoulishly delightful time on October 27th & 28th for our Spooky Halloween Party. Tables booking up fast!! 

Click Here to Learn More...

15. Inclusive Play During FREE SEND Sessions:

Our specially designated sessions on Thursdays are fully inclusive for Special Education, Needs and/or Disabilities.

Click Here To Learn More 

16. NEW Updated Timetable:

Our inclusive timetable tailored to EMPOWER children and families from Baby Time, Under 5's Playgroup, After School FREE Sessions, Friyaay Parties, Free SEND Sessions and so much more to entertain you and your kids.

See Our New Timetable Here

View NEW Timetable Here! 


17. The Best New Coffee:

We have been taste testing coffee and have changed our coffee bean supplier to provide you the best, most tantalizing roasted coffee around. 

18. Price Increase:

Since we opened we've not increased our prices in line with the countries inflation. As everyone knows costs are going up for all small businesses (Food Stock, Energy Prices, Minimum Wage) and so many more factors. We have increased our prices to reflect these increases.

Click Here To See Our Updated Price List



We are thrilled to invite you to witness and enjoy the fresh wave of enhancements at FUNDA LAND.

The slight price increase is a pledge of our continuous investment in amplifying the FUNDA experience, and fostering a space where fun, laughter, and cherished memories abound.

We can't wait to see the joy these improvements bring to your FUNDA LAND adventures!


Ready for an upgraded FUNDA fun?


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Head over to for more information and to book your session in a realm where endless fun awaits! (Tables are booking up fast for our Spooky Halloween PartyπŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ•·πŸŽ‰).